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University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art & Design (USCAD)

USCAD is a hands-on, flexibly designed non-degree Certificate of Attendance that helps you build skills, confidence and understanding in the visual arts.

  • Courses are structured to help you incrementally develop as you explore your own style and creativity. The end goal is to build a portfolio from one of four major streams: sculpture, painting, drawing or photography/digital imagery/graphic design >> learn more
  • You can complete the USCAD certificate in as little as one year (working full-time) and up to a maximum of five years (working part-time) >> learn more
  • This program also entails a portfolio review and final exhibition. Once successfully completed, you will be granted a University of Saskatchewan (U of S) Certificate of Attendance >> learn more

USCAD is for you if

  • You want to develop skills in art and design without pursuing a degree or,
  • You want to take a program that prepares you for degree studies in the arts and would like to develop foundational skills and a portfolio first,
  • You don’t want to leave Saskatchewan to enrol in an art and design college,
  • You have been taking art classes for general interest and would like formal acknowledgement for your studies, and
  • You prefer structured learning environments where courses are linked and knowledge is enhanced through continuity.


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