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Business Writing & Grammar: Quick Reference Guide

By Eileen Herteis
A flipbook designed to sit on your desk, Business Writing & Grammar: Quick Reference Guide, provides easy, fast consultation. This coil-bound reference contains advice and guidance on letters, memos, reports, e-mail, punctuation, pronouns, and a final checklist.

8" x 7" / 22 pp • coil bound flip book
ISBN: 0-88880-477-6
Price: $12.95
Pub. Code: CEUP-BWGG
Publication Date: 2003


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Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest

Eugene F. Bossenmaier

This user-friendly identification guide features 121 distinctive mushrooms of the boreal forest, notes the habitats where they may be found, characterizes their edibility, and includes recipes of some of the most popular edibles. Includes a list of cautions to help protect mushroomers and wild-crafters.

7" x 10" / 105 pp / colour photos / glossary and index
ISBN: 0-88880-355-9
Price: Sale Price $5.00 (Regular Price: $24.95)
Pub. Code: CEUP-MBF
Publication Date: 1997


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Reaching Out Into the World: A History of Extension at the University of Saskatchewan, 1910 to 2007

Scott McLean

Through narrative, photographs, and archival material, Reaching Out into the World celebrates the contribution of Extension work to the province of Saskatchewan during the University of Saskatchewan’s first century.

Since 1910, extension programming at the University of Saskatchewan has touched the lives of thousands of people in the province. In the early years, Extension staff worked with Agricultural Societies, Homemakers’ Clubs, and youth programs to provide information and educational opportunities to people across Saskatchewan. This work focused on agriculture and home economics, and it had a significant impact on the social and economic fabric of rural Saskatchewan.

In the mid-1900s, Saskatchewan changed dramatically, with more people living in cities and fewer people earning a living from farming. In response to such change, extension programming at the University of Saskatchewan took on new initiatives, including vocational training programs, citizenship programs, and continuing professional education.

In recent decades, post-secondary education and credentials have become fundamental to earning a living for many people in Saskatchewan. In this context, the University of Saskatchewan focused its extension programming on providing degree-credit classes to people at a distance from Saskatoon, and on providing continuing education opportunities that met citizens’ professional development needs and personal interests.

Scott McLean’s account of the origins of extension and how it evolved in response to changing social and economic conditions in the province is an important contribution to understanding a remarkable century in Saskatchewan’s history.

8.5” x 11” / 57 pp / b &w and color photos
ISBN: 978-0-88880-526-3
Price: $19.95
Pub. Code: CEUP-ROW
Publication Date: 2007


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The Sand Dunes of Lake Athabasca: Your adventures in Learning

Peter M. Jonker and J. Stan Rowe

Travel to the south shore of Lake Athabasca to discover the landforms, plants, animals, and people who contribute to the breathtaking and unique sand-dune ecosystem. This beautiful full-colour book is loaded with informative text, photos, illustration, humorous stories, and poetry.

8.5" x 11" / 194 pp / colour illus.
ISBN: 0-88880-421-0
Price: Sale Price $5.00 (Regular Price $29.95)
Pub. Code: CEUP-SDLA
Publication Date: 2001


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Understanding Western Canada's Dominion Land Survey System

Robert B. McKercher and Bertram Wolfe

Brings together the fundamental information necessary to understand the western grid system of land description. Defines terms such as "range," "township," "section," and "subdivision," and provides specific information on the three prairie provinces and B.C.

8.5" x 11" / 26 pp • Booklet
ISBN: 0-88880-164-5
Price: $14.95
Pub. Code: CEUP-UWCD
Publication Date: 1992




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