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Math Readiness

Upgrade your math skills to prepare for first-year-university science, engineering, business and mathematics. This course is a review and does not count as credit toward your degree.

Math Readiness can help

  • if it’s been a while since your last grade 12 math class,
  • if your grade 12 math marks are lower than 80%,
  • if you want to benefit from a refresher course,
  • with approximately 22 lessons on algebra, functions and graphs, geometry, trigonometry and exponential and logarithmic functions.
You will review
  • algebraic skills, such as properties of algebraic fractions, solving many different types of equations, radicals and exponents and solving inequalities,
  • functions, emphasizing, understanding, and using function notation; domains of functions,
  • graphing, including standard graphs (such as lines and parabolas) as well as introducing graphs of new functions,
  • trigonometric functions, their properties and graphs; trigonometric identities,
  • concepts from geometry, such as similar triangles, and
  • exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs; properties of logarithms.

Although it does not specifically cover calculus, Math Readiness provides the necessary background for university calculus courses.

Each short lesson will be given as a lecture, followed by a problem session. During the problem session, you will work on exercises with other students in small groups with the guidance of senior class assistants.
  • Math Readiness Summer Camp: A two-week intensive program held on the U of S Campus in late summer (includes lectures and small group tutorials).
  • Math Readiness Fall and Winter Term Evening classes: 40 hours of class time with an instructor and pre-arranged tutorial time.
The Math Readiness Summer Camp also helps you get comfortable with the university environment. In addition to classes, tours are arranged to help familiarise you with the University of Saskatchewan. Plus, you will have enough free time to get to know the city before you start your fall classes.


Email Holly Fraser or call 306.966.2742
Math Readiness is offered through partnership by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and the Centre for Continuing & Distance Education. Visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics website for more information.


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