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The Spanish 'Turista' 

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Planning a business trip to a Spanish-speaking destination? Build on your existing conversational skills and prepare for travel.

  • Ideal if you have previous course-work or have spent time in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Covers themes, vocabulary, grammar and activities taught with the traveller in mind.
  • Taught by an experienced Latin American instructor.
  • A small class size (limited to 12) provides opportunities for more focussed learning and interaction.
  • Includes group projects, guided conversations and discussions.
  • Offers one afternoon of interaction with native Spanish speakers.
  • Includes textbook, Friday evening wine and tapas, Saturday and Sunday lunch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I learned a lot of useful information and skills from it.
J. Scott

Contact us for a quick oral assessment of your skills before you register to ensure you are at the appropriate level.
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