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Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CERTESL)

Application Deadlines: August 15, December 1 or April 15.

Why choose CERTESL?

It is Canada's most-recognized distance-delivered English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher-training program, and...

  • This award-winning program is accepted by all three of the TESL accrediting bodies in Canada (TESL Canada, TESL Ontario, and TESL Saskatchewan). 
  • K to 12 teachers in Saskatchewan and Ontario can earn specialist endorsements on their teaching certificates and move up the salary grid by following the right CERTESL path.
  • It is one of only two distance-delivered ESL/EFL teacher-training programs that is recognized everywhere in Canada.
  • CERTESL addresses the largest possible range of second/additional language learning needs: immigrants, refugees, international students, overseas students, Aboriginal Canadians, and K to 12.
  • Each course delivers the same learning as a typical three-credit third or fourth year university course.
  • CERTESL has double the academic hours of the most widely-known programs for overseas teaching. With CERTESL, you qualify to teach almost anywhere in the world.
  • Education Curriculum course options within CERTESL can be applied to some University degrees, so you get more for your tuition dollar than you do from most other certificate programs. Contact us for details.
  • Our instructors are highly qualified and most are teaching ESL classes now. Their knowledge comes from both solid training and years of classroom experience.
  • CERTESL allows for transfer of credit from other programs. If you have taken a reputable ESL/EFL teacher-training program in or out of Canada, your prior learning may be credited toward CERTESL. Contact us for information.

For details regarding regional, national and international qualification, see the CERTESL Accreditation Manual.

To Apply, download the CERTESL application form, follow the guidelines, fill it in and mail it to our office with the admission fee enclosed.

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For application form to be fillable, it must be downloaded first.


Email certificates.admin@usask.ca, or call 306.966.6488, Program Assistants or Grace Milashenko, Program Manager or call 306.966.5562.