Agriculture Production

  • Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC): The national standard for people who advise growers, distributors and the public on crop protection products. Formerly the Certified Crop Protection Consultant program, this completely revised and updated program is offered in partnership with CropLife Canada
  • Organic Weed Control (PLSC 234): This online course covers weed management in organic field crop production. It highlights aspects of basic biology and ecology that make weeds vulnerable to various control techniques. Practical,  cultural, mechanical and biological techniques are considered, within an integrated weed management system.
  •  Crop Protection Planner (PCPP): Software to help you make your crop protection decisions regarding weeds, insects and diseases. Provides page-formatted printouts, information on herbicide residues and preharvest intervals and a record keeping component to store application information and history. Ideal for producers, agribusiness and government personnel.   
  • NEW! Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) Exam Preparation: Offered through partnership with the Prairie Certified Crop Adviser board, this flexible online course prepares you for your CCA exam.
  •  NEW! Compliance Management Program: Now offered through partnership with CropLife Canada, this flexible online course provides everything you need to know to apply for and complete a confined field trial for a plant with a novel trait (PNT).


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