Centre for Continuing & Distance Education (CCDE):Strategic Plan

Vision: We are widely regarded as one of the best continuing education units in Canada: passionate, respected, sought after, award-winning and innovative. We love our work and our workplace, collaborate always, and have a wealth of resources and partners.

Mission: We are the University’s centre for planning and delivering innovative continuing and distance education programs that assist individuals in overcoming geographic and other barriers to learning. Our collaborative, entrepreneurial and global approach to education enhances the University’s sense of place, aligns with its priorities, and improves the social and economic well-being of the people of Saskatchewan and beyond.

Values: We are committed to quality, integrity, high performance, employee engagement, and innovation in professional practice; camaraderie, respectfulness, courage, work-life balance, and collaboration in our relationships with learners, colleagues and partners; and excellence, diversity, and accessibility in our programs.


  • To establish, foster, and maintain positive, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues and students, the colleges, departments and units of the University, and all external partners who are involved in University of Saskatchewan continuing and distance education activities.
  • To enhance the experiences of our students and customers through improved service, market research, and continuous evaluation and performance measurement.
  • To achieve financial stability for the CCDE by meeting and exceeding the budgetary goals of the University and the needs of our students and community.
  • To develop a culture of program innovation through creative new programming, renewal of existing programs, and program and delivery experimentation that meets the changing needs of our students and partners.