Aboriginal Programs

About The Indigenous Peoples Program (IPP)

Established in 1988, IPP partners with educational institutions and community organizations to offer programs and events to create opportunities and enhance the identity, culture and heritage of indigenous people. These philosophical principles guide us in our teaching, programming, advocacy and support initiatives, some which include:

  • Youth Leadership Programs & Retreats that engage at-risk youth through art and culture to give them a sense of purpose; build their confidence; and inspire them to become tomorrow’s leaders. Over 1100 aboriginal youth have taken this program.
  • Traditional language classes that cultivate an appreciation of indigenous culture through learning languages and traditions associated with it.
  • Aboriginal Awareness Programs that are designed to help business and other communities better understand First Nations' culture.
  • Cultural programs that teach and re-connect us to First Nation traditions.

We gratefully acknowledge ongoing support received from governments, educational institutions, community organizations and businesses. Your support makes these programs and events accessible to those who would not otherwise be able to participate in them.