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See the world through the eyes of an explorer.

Have you ever questioned the impact of global warming and wondered if polar bears really do need protection? Or wished you could travel through time and see what an ancient city would look like had it not been discovered by humans?

Outdoor experiential learning is essential to understanding how we, as humans, interact with our surroundings and all the living creatures we share it with. We take you to places like the tundra, the East coast, South America as well as places close to home so you can decide for yourself whether or not we should maintain and protect our eco-systems and wildlife.

  • Our Eco-travel programs are centred around a philosophy that brings like-minded lifelong learners together into an outdoor environment.
  • Our tours offer preparation sessions on ecology and culture so you go into an eco-system with knowledge and understanding.
  • Our programs are built around learning experiences that incorporate all the senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste.
  • The end goal or learning outcome is to help people understand why there is a need to maintain and protect eco-systems and wildlife.
  • Most of our tours go to protected areas such as national parks to truly learn about wildlife in their most natural environment or habitat (e.g. whales and polar bears).

Whenever we travel to any destination, be it in Saskatchewan, Canada or anywhere else in the world, we meet and learn from local area experts. This could be a park ranger, a university professor, a field researcher or a even local tour guide. Our site visits are enhanced by experts in their various fields.


Email Eve Barbeau or Melanie Elliott or call either 306.966.5565 or 306.966.5484