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The U of S has moved to an online process for travel expenses. The Concur Travel and Expense reporting system can be found in your PAWS account.

Expense Reports

Expense reports must be submitted every 60 days. Log into your PAWS account. Click on Admin Services in the menu. Then click on Concur Trave and expense.  Many of the training steps are not applicable for off campus instruction so DEU has created a customized guide to assist you in navigating the Concur system.
We require that you itemize your expenses by location and date to satisfy our auditors. Kindly note that Payment Services requires original copies of receipts for telephone, postage and shipping charges, gas for rented vehicles, and accommodation. These receipts can be scanned and attached with your online submission.  Instructions regarding receipt submission and usuing the Concur App are found in the reporting system.
All receipts should also indicate GST, PST, and the GST registration number. This is required for all receipts.
Please submit your final expense claim as soon as possible after the final examination, especially for classes ending in April. The University's financial year-end is April 30 and it is essential that claims are processed before then.

Expense Rates

  • Mileage Rate (effective July 1, 2016):
    • For basic vehicle travel the rate is $0.4009/km
  • Hotel: Ensure the statement or invoice indicates the expense has been paid. Often the express checkout does not indicate payment. Personal items such as movie rentals, are not reimbursable. Attach original receipts.
  • Meals: Claim the lesser of actual costs or per diem rates. The current per diem rates are as follows (effective July 1, 2016):
    • Breakfast $8.00
    • Lunch $14.00
    • Dinner $19.00
  • Other transportation: Include expenses such as gas for rental cars, taxis, buses, etc. Attach original receipts.
  • Other expenses: Include expenses such as telephone, parking, etc. Attach original receipts.

Rental cars

Rental cars will be arranged through DEU. The approved University provider is Enterprise. Please carpool whenever possible. In situations where you choose to use your own vehicle, you will be reimbursed at the approved U of S per kilometre reimbursement. This reimbursement includes all car related expenses including maintenance, insurance, deductibles, etc.
If you wish to use your own vehicle for a carpool of instructors, your car must be in excellent condition to ensure the safety of those travelling with you.
A carpool can be arranged when more than one instructor travels to a given centre. Instructors must take part in a carpool if they are teaching a class at the same time in the same location. One instructor will act as travel coordinator so that individuals in the carpool know who is driving on a given date, departure time, etc.

Sustenance Allowance

Each instructor who travels to another centre to teach a class is entitled to reimbursement for meals when applicable. See the University approved per diem rate above. You should claim for what you actually spend rather than automatically claiming the maximum each time. Amounts in excess of the per diem must be supported by receipts and must be reasonable. The number of meals you claim is also based on what is reasonable. For example, if you  leave at 1:30 p.m. to travel to teach an 3:30 class, it would be reasonable to expect you to eat lunch before leaving and not to claim lunch.

Accommodation Allowance

Accommodation allowances are paid when special circumstances prevail and when overnight stays are required because of the distance from the instructor's home. Authorization for these must be obtained in advance, but such allowances will be granted without advance authorization in cases of inclement weather. Please err on the side of safety when trying to decide whether to travel or stay where you are. Receipts are required for these claims. When making reservations for accommodation, please inform the hotel personnel that you are from the University of Saskatchewan. By doing so, you may get a lower corporate or government rate. If you stay in a private home, you may claim up to $15 per night as long as you provide receipts.

Full details on U of S travel reimbursement policy and travel expense claims are at https://www.usask.ca/fsd/resources/guidelines/travel_expense_guidelines.php


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