Distance Education

Information for Off-Campus Instructors

Once you have been approved to teach at an off-campus site, you will receive a formal letter of appointment along with the necessary taxation and copyright forms from the Distance Education Unit (DEU) as they administer the off-campus classes/programs for the U of S. Even though you are teaching off campus, you will be considered a U of S employee and are accountable to the U of S.

Please read the appointment letter carefully and review all links in the letter. Sign and return the letter to DEU as soon as possible.

Division of Responsibilities

Instructor/Academic Department

  • Meet with department to review class syllabus, class content/material, copyright and assessments
  • Textbook ordering
  • Assignments & examinations
  • Grading and grade submission
  • All academic matters


  • Appointment letter
  • TD1 forms
  • Travel/expense claims
  • Financial matters

Off-Campus Site

  • Teaching facilities
  • Multi Media equipment
  • Admission/registration of students
  • On-site instructional matters

First Time Instructors

You will be given an NSID (network service Identification number), which allows you access PAWS. To obtain your password, call the ICT Service Desk at 306.966.4817. Your password will not be issued by email. You must call the Service Desk. For contact hours visit www.usask.ca/ict/help-support

PAWS gives you access to:

  • an email account
  • instructor services
  • blackboard platform
  • class lists
  • payroll information
  • expense claims

Go to www.usask.ca/ict/guides/instructor-guide for information on ID cards, email accounts and blackboard access.

CUPE 3287
As a condition of employment as a off-campus instructor, you are required to apply for and maintain membership in the C.U.P.E. Local 3287 bargaining unit. Please complete the union application form at: http://3287.cupe.ca

For information on the current CUPE 3287 agreement visit working.usask.ca/employmentagreements/index.php
For information on Sessional Lecturer Benefits visit usask.ca/hrd/benefits.

Please contact Human Resources at 306.966.6270 or CUPE 3287 at 306.966.7023 if you have questions on employment related matters.

Class Cancellations

If a class must be cancelled on short notice (inclement weather or illness etc.), please notify the Off-campus Site University Coordinator as soon as possible. Discuss cancellation procedures with the University Coordinator at each teaching location.
On the first day of classes, inform students of how cancellations will be handled. Setting up a simple telephone tree with the class works quite effectively. Students and instructors are encouraged to regularly check PAWS for such announcements. Since many students in rural areas have to travel some distance to attend classes, it is very important that a cancellation procedure is planned and discussed.

Alternate Instructors for your Off-Campus Classes

It is your responsibility to advise the Program Manager of DEU if you are unable to instruct a class. However, should a situation arise where you are unable to teach a class for several consecutive occasions, it will be necessary to arrange for an alternate instructor. If you are going to miss more than two classes in a row, please inform your Department Head.
Depending on how often the alternate instructor teaches, it may be necessary to post the position to members of CUPE 3287. Please consult with the DEU Program Manager with regard to such matters. The alternate instructor must be approved by the Department Head and approval forwarded to DEU, who will then appoint the alternate instructor to teach the number of sessions designated as necessary by the Department Head.

Media Equipment and Classrooms

Multi media equipment will be available at each off-campus site. If you are interested in using specialized equipment, please check with the local University Coordinator. Please reserve equipment at least one session before, so necessary arrangements can be made. The precise location of your classroom and the room number can also be obtained from the off-campus site.


The academic department will cover the cost of photocopying basic handout material for a class to an extent consistent with that department's practice for the same or similar on-campus classes. The Department Head must consider the photocopying reasonable and give his/her approval. If copying needed for a class exceeds that, you should plan in advance to have the materials sold through the Bookstore. Instructors may contact the DEU Program Manager in cases where special considerations regarding photocopying may apply.

Long Distance Telephone Charges

Instructors will be reimbursed for reasonable long distance charges. However, you must submit original copies of all phone bills. When submitting bills, please indicate which calls were related to your class. Lengthy telephone conversations with students, for example counselling them on what is wrong with their essays are not considered to be reasonable telephone costs. Instructors are expected to review such matters when they meet with their classes and through email. The occasional short phone call to a student is acceptable. Students may call you collect, but only for short calls. If a student wishes to talk at length, suggest they craft a detailed email with their questions or concerns. Emails also act as a record of exchanges between students and instructors.

Travel Allowance

Please got to travel page.


Stipends will be paid in four equal installments for a one-term (.3) course, or in eight equal installments for a multi-term (.6) course. This may vary for classes that do not run on the normal University schedule of terms. All funds will be direct deposited to your bank account on file with the University of Saskatchewan.


Email us or call 306.966.2251