Distance Education


University of Saskatchewan • Distance Delivery Modes

  • Online (Web) courses are delivered primarily through the Internet. They include a web interface for course content and related information. Online discussions are used so that you can interact with the instructor and other students. When registering, class section numbers beginning with 'W' are online classes. 
  • Independent Study courses involve learning from textbooks, course guides, and other printed materials. Sometimes videotapes, audiotapes, or other materials are also provided. You can learn in your own home or workplace and on your own schedule. Independent study courses are ideal if you do not live near centres where off-campus/face-to-face courses are offered. You will have access to your instructor through email, computer conferencing and/or telephone. Assignments are typically sent in for evaluation by email, fax, courier or mail. When registering, class section numbers beginning with 'X' are Independent Study classes. 
  • Off Campus/Face-to-Face classes are delivered at our U of S Off-campus Prince Albert site and Regional Colleges  throughout Saskatchewan. Typically, they are offered on a weekly basis although some may run twice a week or as 5 hour classes that run fortnightly (every 2 weeks). When registering, class section numbers beginning with 'C' are Off-Campus lecture classes. 
  • Televised classes incorporate lectures and live televised interactive discussions with your instructor and other students. Locally-based tutors/proctors help facilitate discussions at sites and telephone access to your instructor is available at no charge. Specially designed print packages help guide you through the lectures, assignments and textbooks. Classes are available at up to 50 Regional Colleges receiving sites in Saskatchewan. When registering, class section numbers beginning with 'V' are Televised. 
  • Multi-Mode courses may involve combined delivery methods. Your instructor may deliver course content via audio/video conferencing and/or face-to-face lectures. Students registered at a Regional College may attend weekly classes at their site. You may also receive additional course material through the internet or within printed a course package. When registering, class section numbers beginning with 'A' are Multi-Mode courses. 


Email distance.learning@usask.ca or call 306.966.5563.