Distance Education


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CCDE Writing Centre for students enrolled in Distance and Off-Campus Classes

Anyone taking a distance class administered by the CCDE can use this free service. This includes online, independent studies, televised, multi-mode and off-campus classes.

  • Provides tools and support to help you write effective essays, reports, or reviews.
  • Simply submit a project draft and a qualified tutor will assess your work and offer advice to improve your project.
  • Contact the tutor if you have difficulty getting started, or want advice on constructing an outline.
  • Note: tutors do not replace writing instruction in your classes – they enhance and support it. Tutors will not write, edit, or proofread assignments and will not ghostwrite essays or offer instruction in English as a second language.
  • We do not guarantee “A’s”. You do the work and we support you in the process.
Submission Process
  • Write a project draft.
  • Download the Submission Form, fill it out, attach it to your draft copy, and mail, fax or email it to the CCDE Writing Centre. Don’t forget to attach a copy of your assignment so we can better assess your work. You can also submit this form online.
  • Use the following timelines when submitting:
  • Assignments sent and returned by mail should be submitted at least 7 days before the due date.
  • Assignments sent by mail and returned by fax should be submitted 5-7 days before the due date.
  • Assignments sent and returned by email or fax should be submitted at least 3 days before the due date.
  • Essays may be submitted on weekends but return times may be slower
  • Your assignment will be returned along with a Tutor Critique Sheet. The Critique Sheet will go over the following areas:
    • What are the paper’s strengths?
    • Describe any weaknesses concerning the thesis or focus, voice or tone, organization, development, paragraphing etc.. 

    • The tutor will suggest a strategy to improve on each weakness and offer additional comments to help you with your assignment.

To discuss your assignment with the tutor:

  • Call 306.966.4594 betwewen the hours of 1:00 pm–4:00 pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.You can also call this number outside of these times and leave a message. Or, email ccde.writing@usask.ca with questions concerning your projects.