Distance Education

Final Exams

You are responsible for grading all the assessments associated with your class. It is also your responsibility to invigilate all examinations.
The examinations and examination booklets (if requested) can be picked up by instructors living in Saskatoon from the academic department well in advance of the examination date.
Instructors who live outside of Saskatoon should not submit or pick up their examinations in person. Please use the mail. Note that travel claims will not be paid by the DEU for expenses incurred in driving to Saskatoon to pick up or deliver examinations. Exams should be forwarded by registered mail.

Final Examinations

Final examinations for off-campus classes will be scheduled by DEU and must fall within the final examination period.
The off-campus sites will be informed of the examination dates. The exam schedule will be distributed to instructors and students during class and through a PAWS annoucement. Final exam dates cannot be changed after the exam schedule has been announced, unless 100% of the students are in agreement. 

Supplemental Examinations

Supplemental Examinations are not granted automatically in the case of failing marks.

Deferred Examinations 

Deferred Examinations may be granted to a student who is absent from a final examination for medical or compassionate reasons, or is ill during a final examination and stops writing the exam. Please note that students who complete an examination cannot apply for a deferred examination due to illness. Therefore, if a student complains of illness during an examination, please bring this rule to their attention. They are probably better off to stop writing the examination at once so that they are still eligible to apply for a deferred examination. Information related to the scheduling of deferred or supplemental examinations is available at students.usask.ca/academics/exams.php and www.usask.ca/sesd/info-for-instructors/classes-exams.php.

Please read policies.usask.ca/policies/academic-affairs/academic-courses.php#examinations for valuable information about all examinations including midterm exams.

Grade Reporting

You are responsible for entering all grades in to the PAWS system. Please download the Entering and Approving Grades document that will guide you through the process.
Do not divulge the results of a final examination or the final marks directly to students. Grade submission must be done electronically by instructors in PAWS. Once you have submitted the grades, they go to the Academic Department Head for approval. Once approval has been granted, the marks will be visible to students through their PAWS accounts. University regulations require that final grades be submitted within five working days (counting Saturday, but not Sunday or holidays) of the final examination.

Please review Examination Regulations found at usask.ca/calendar/exams&grades/examregs

Student Appeals

University Council and Senate regulations concerning Student Appeals in Academic Matters, Student Appeals in Non-Academic Matters and Student Academic Dishonesty Rules of the University of Saskatchewan council can be found at www.usask.ca:university_secretary:honesty:index.php
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