Birds, Blooms & Belugas in Churchill, MB

Manitoba Ecology - July 8 to 14, 2014

Churchill Belugas, Blooms and Birds Itinerary and details

Join tour guide Melanie Elliott for your adventure to Churchill, Manitoba to learn about, photograph and experience Beluga whales, arctic nesting birds and wildflowers.

In July, after the ice on the Hudson Bay melts, over 3000 Beluga whales travel, give birth and hunt in the Churchill River. You'll view these sleek white whales and their calves as they hunt along the tidal bore and slough their skin with the aid of river gravel. You will have the opportunities to interact with them from the shore, by jet boat, through acoustic listening microphones, via zodiac, and kayak. You may even snorkle alongside the whales!

Arctic birds, seen in Saskatchewan only in migration, nest in the Churchill area. You'll see Hudsonian Godwit, Wimbrel, Arctic Loons, Tundra Swans, Snow Geese, Eider ducks, Greater Scaup, Long Tailed ducks, scoters, jaegers, ptarmigan, Arctic Tern and peeps.

Arctic wildflowers are abundant on the tundra, bayshore and boreal forest at this time of year. You'll have the opportunity to see orchids and other rarities like Butterwort and Moonfern.

Please download the detailed itinerary here, or at the upper right.

Information Sessions:

Tuesday, May 6 and June 10, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Room 224/225 Williams Building, 221 Cumberland Avenue North, Saskatoon

Tour Fee:

Adult: $2,378.25 ($2,265.00 plus $113.25 GST)
Child: $2,085 (No GST)

To register call: (306) 966-5539


Email Eve Barbeau or  Melanie Elliott or call 306.966.5565.