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Upcoming Events

The CCSC office will supply event specific sign in sheets. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Past Events

Self Applications 

Events to consider:

  • Internal Training: sales meetings, producer or retailer meetings
  • Safety Training: WHMIS, CPR, 1st Aid, Pesticide Licensing
  • Driver Training: Defense Driving, Transportation of Dangerous Goods 
  • Webinars and Online courses
  • Annual Conferences
  • Producer/Grower Association Meetings
  • Provincial and Federal Government meetings

CCSC sign in sheets are available at major events. Some major events include:

  • Canadian Weed Science Society Annual Meetings
  • CanoLAB 3-D: Canola Council of Canada 
  • Crop Management Forum: CAAR
  • Grow Canada: CropLife Conference
  • Canola Watch Exam (Online): Canola Watch Council of Canada
  • Herbicide Resistance Videos  


  • Advanced Agronomy Conference CCA
  • Agronomy Update: Alberta Agriculture
  • Farm Tech
  • Irrigated Crop Production Update: Farming Smarter

British Columbia

  • Horticulture Grower’s Short Course, B.C Ag


  • Agronomist Conference
  • Brokenhead Ag Conference
  • Crop Diagnostic School: MAFRA
  • MB Ag Days: MAFRA
  • Potato Production Days: Potato Producers Association
  • Special Crops Symposium: MAFRA

Nova Scotia

  • Fruit Growers Convention


CCSC and ON CCA share sign in sheets. Ensure that you sign the ON CCA sheets as they will be forwarded to the CCSC office. 

  • CCA Conference: Ontario CCA
  • Farm Smart: OMAFRA
  • Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Show: OMAFRA
  • Ontario Processing Conference (OPVIC)
  • South West Agriculture Conference (SWAC): OMAFRA
  • South West Diagnostic Days: OMAFRA


  • Colloque Pomme de Terre  
  • Journees Horticoles


  • Challenges & Opportunities for Crop Production: CropLIfe
  • Crop Production Show
  • CSIDC Field Day
  • Scott Field Day: Ministry of Ag
  • Soils and Crops: Ministry of Ag
  • Soil and Crop Management Seminar: IHARF


Email the CCSC office at agriculture.programs@usask.ca or call 306.966.5546