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Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC)

The Continuing Education Program was launched in January 2008 for students who have completed the initial online certification process. Re-certification requires 40 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from your choice of 10 educational areas that can be earned through workshops/events/conferences/seminars organized by associations, governments and companies. Cost is $310.00 plus GST.

See details about how to apply for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at events.

Step 1: Register

  • Up to six months before your certification expires you can register in the program
  • Your certification will expire on the two-year anniversary date found on your certificate and/or in your completion letter.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Program

  • Once you have enrolled in the CEU component of the program, you are required to accumulate 40 hours of CEU credits within the two-year certification period.
  • CEUs can be obtained through a variety of learning programs, courses, conferences, etc. The subject area must fall under the twelve educational areas of competency and be approved by the CCSC office. The 12 educational areas of competency mimic the modules of the online course:
    • Pesticide Regulation
    • Product Labels
    • Integrated Pest Management
    • Application Technology
    • Human Health
    • Pesticides and the Environment
    • Safety and Emergency Response
    • Biotechnology
    • Urban Pest Management
    • Stewardship and Sustainability
    • Professional Development (additional area)
    • Agronomic Crop Management (additional area)

Step 3: Look for Activities and Events to Collect CEUs >> learn more

  • Consider every event as an opportunity to collect CEUs. Activites to look for include:
    • Industry meetings
    • Technical updates
    • Field tours
    • Safety training
    • Stewardship events
    • Webinars
  • For major events, sign in sheets should be available. Please check with the event organizer or the CCSC office.
  • For company events, please check with your company champion to see if sign in sheets will be available.
  • At previously approved events, a sign-in sheet will be provided. These sheets will be returned to the program office so personal credits may be applied to your account.
  • You can also obtain CEUs for events for which CEUs have not previously been granted. Download the CEU application form, complete, attach the event agenda and proof of attendance and submit to the CCSC office.
  • For more details on the application process and self-study credits, please download the CCSC Continuing Ed Manual and the CCSC Continuing Ed Standards.

Step 4: Check Your Progress Regularly

  • Go to your continuing education account to check your records and track your progress in the program. User name and password can be found in the welcome letter you received upon registeration in the Continuing Education program.
  • Note that updates to the database will take 2-4 weeks after the program office receives them.

Continuing Education Program Fee: $310.00 (recertification every two years)


Email or call the CCSC office at 306.966.5546