Company Champion: Roles and Responsibilities

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Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC)

The role of the CCSC Company Champion is an integral part in the overall success of CCSC program. 

Roles and responsibilities of the CCSC company champion as defined by the CCSC steering committee: 

  •  Act as an advocate for the CCSC program both internally within thier company and externally within the plant science industry as a whole. 
  • Participate in CCSC “company champion” conference calls, which are designed to provide regular updates on the status of the certification program and to seek input on relevant items of interest. 
  • Act as the communication link between the CCSC office and company personnel who are directly affected by the CCSC certification program. 
  • Track the progress of employees and encourage them to complete the initial certification process and to ensure employess register in the Con Ed CCSC program. 
  • Act as the company point (“go to”) person for employees who need to be certified. 
  • Act as the company point (“go to”) person for the CCSC office. 
  • Identify internal activities (meetings, training sessions, etc.) that may qualify for CCSC CEU’s and facilitate timely CEU submissions to the CCSC office, University of Saskatchewan. 

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Email or call the CCSC office at 306.966.5546