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Complete the initial online certification course and become a Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC).  

The CCSC online certification course

  • must be completed within one year 
  • consists of three assignments and one comprehensive case study
  • does not have a final exam
  • is continuous entry which means you can start anytime and complete anytime within the one-year deadline.
  • has ten modules (see below)
  • cost is $610.00 plus GST

When you complete this online CCSC course, you are a Certified Crop Science Consultant and may use the CCSC designation - CCSC.


Certification Modules:

1. Pesticides and Their Regulations

  • federal and provincial regulatory requirements
  • types of registration and certification
  • benefits and risks
  • formulation types

2. Product Labels and Use

  • legal requirements for label design in different industry sectors
  • current interpretations
  • definitions of special terms used in labeling

3. Integrated Pest Management

  • definition, concepts and strategies
  • identification of weeds, insects, diseases and their life cycles
  • economic impact of pests
  • principles for prevention and management
  • pesticide effectiveness and resistance

4. Application Technology

  • dose transfer model including atomization, patternation and spray deposit uniformity
  • canopy penetration and spray interception
  • spray retention and uptake
  • spraydrift management

5. Human Health

  • incidence, causes, and symptoms of potential health risks and allergic responses related to  pesticides
  • aspects of short and long-term exposure
  • public perception of risks
  • how to answer common questions from concerned individuals

6. Pesticides and the Environment

  • factors influencing pesticide degradation or persistence in soils
  • fate and effects of pesticides in air and water
  • bioconcentration and biomagnification
  • current issues

7. Safety and Emergency Response

  • safety procedures including protective clothing and equipment, disposal and clean-up
  • container management and warehousing standards
  • emergency response

8. Biotechnology

  • terms, benefits and possible risks of biotechnology
  • current and future applications of plant biotechnology

9. Pest Management in Urban Areas

  • diversity of types of pests
  • environmental concerns and benefits of pest management techniques in the urban environment

10. Stewardship & Sustainability

  • standards for manufacturing, warehousing, sale and use in Canada

    Online Certification Program Fee: $610.00


Email or call the CCSC office at 306.966.5546